About us


The FARus foundation is just that, a foundation for us. A foundation that seeks to advance and facilitate our mutual agenda of holistic freedom and prosperity for our entire African family.

The foundation is comprised of three major components. These are the Joint Economic Development Programme, the Repatriation and Nation Building Programme and the Tours and Events office.

The Foundation has a twin in the closely associated Forum on African Repatriation (the “FARus” Forum), which is a multifaceted, multimedia, multinational platform for public-private partnership, dialogue, and collaborative, comprehensive development.

The Forum is in essence a solutions centre and one that has membership and participation which spans the continent and the diaspora worldwide.

Together we can and will build the healthier, wealthier African community that we all desire. 

To learn more about the Forum or to become a member, please visit the Forum page.

map of africa

In a Nutshell

To know about us, you simply need to know what we are about:

We are about: The Great return, Nation Building, Kingdom Building, Restoration, Development;

Redemption, Reparation, Restitution, Repatriation, Resettlement, Rebuilding, Reintegration, Reunion, Repentance, Reconciliation, Righteousness;

Dual (citizenship), National/African Passports (AU passports), Sovereignty, Autonomy;

Global Africa, Global African Trade Commerce and Industry, African Unity, RAUK;

Pan African Cooperation, Collectivism, Partnership, Federation, Diplomacy, Relationship, Communication;

One love, One family, One people, One glory, One spirit;

Restoration of Royalty, Honour, Dignity, Equity/Justice, Fidelity…Restoration of Hope, Faith, Love, Joy, Peace;

Comprehensive empowerment and freedom (freedom of mind, body, soul, spirit — Freedoms religious, economic, educational, (social) political, and geopolitical… as well as in trade, commerce, health and wellness;

Wholeness, Wholesomeness, good governance, Morality, Character Building, Truth, Grace, Excellence, Prosperity; Acting with Conscientiousness, Respect, Love, Kindness, Generosity, Patience, Grace, Humility, Honesty and meekness;

Acting in: Diligence, Determination, Perseverance, Courage, Fearlessness, Resilience, Prudence, and Providence.

That is what we are about. If you are also, then join us in this quest towards our African Renaissance.

Let us rise and build