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Joint Economic Development Projects and Prospects

FARus, by way of its dedicated network of professionals, advisors, public and private stakeholders, is aggressively pursuing a series of joint economic development projects and prospects, which are precisely and strategically targeted to achieve Pan African prosperity and economic  freedom in a new era of African renaissance.

Through the African Renaissance Coalition (“ARC”), which is one of the programmes under FARus, we are undertaking to directly engage both the public and private sectors as well as the African community at-large in making the necessary preparation to succeed economically, and in making the field accessible for all members of the diaspora who are willing to come back to rebuild, invest and enjoy the beauty of our motherland, Africa.

Toward the pursuit of the conducive environment for the incoming diaspora, we have been engaging in talks with various stakeholders, including governments of various African countries, and have successfully paved a clear path for warmly welcomed joint economic development projects, poised to bear mutual benefit to all diaspora and the host governments and citizens. This is a clear sign that the African community is ready and waiting for the Diaspora to come home.

Our Mission

Building and making our home, Africa, a desirable place of abode takes neither one person nor a short time, it takes the dedication of time, effort and many hands to accomplish and bring the projects to life.

It is with this thinking that we are calling upon all the people, institutions and organizations from all over the world who shares a common vision of the greatness of Africa to join hands with us in the realization of this dream.

What We Do

FARus as the facilitators of and a bridge connecting Africans in diaspora and those on the continent is calling upon all private and public based individuals, organizations and institutions to look at the brighter side of this program.

The undergoing projects, such as the planning and establishment of The Economic Zones, Business Hubs, Industrial/Agri-IndustrialCentres, as well as the manufacturing plants, demand both financial and labour resources to set the same in motion. In order to realize this vision, working in cooperation and in a coordinated manner is not an option.

We welcome all who have various ideas ranging from technological to social and beyond, which could be of positive impact so far as the program is concerned. Please get in touch through our shared link and let us help one another in paving the way forward.

As a priority, we welcome all from all over the world sharing the same vision and might be interested to invest in any of the African countries that FARus has already opened the door to contact us directly through the shared link for the purpose of giving one another a way forward.

The more people invest in any of the designated countries, the more the dream comes closer to reality. We will stand and remain intermediate to facilitate a smooth and successful engagement between the investors and the hosting governments.

Provided below is the link for direct engagement for those with more inquiries and interest in the program.