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The Forum is a platform that entails a cross-section of institutional members, stakeholders and investors that have come together to explore and to pursue solutions to the various challenges faced by the African community. Key among these are the Joint Economic Development (“The ARC”) Program, the Repatriation Program and the Nation Building Program. As such, The Forum serves as a platform that brings together government officials, financial institutions, the media, educational institutions as well as social leaders.


If you had the opportunity to go to a place where you are always welcome, where you are respected, where you belong and where you are the owner rather than the owned…

By 2creativewave, November 13 2020

New Volunteer Opportunities

Donating money isn’t the only way to give to this cause, Every imaginable skill and ability will be necessary to make this vision a reality. That includes yours…

By 2creativewave, November 13 2020

On 1 January 2021, Africa officially started trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement.

By David Luke, March 16 2021


We are dedicated to the pursuit of the restoration of the African/American Diaspora’ people through efforts such as the African repatriation and nation-building endeavours currently underway.

We are bringing together all our African brothers and sisters who share the vision and intentions to see our home, Africa thrive and become the bastion of freedom and prosperity that it was always meant to be.

Together, we wish to harmoniously and diligently work toward engineering a better future for all Africans in Africa and abroad. 


Realizing and experiencing a truly united Africa, the restoration of the people of Africa from all over the world, the revival and rebuilding of African efficacy in social, political and economic spheres, as well as in all other aspects of African life.

Providing a platform to explore, facilitate and together fully exploit our joint capacities within our global African community, to (re)build and solidly, establish a more conducive environment in Africa that will enable all persons of African origin, to experience holistic freedom, as well as to reclaim and enjoy unlimited measures of all-inclusive prosperity.


Our working group is a community whose drive and commitment embody the resilience of our African people. This growing community is made up of professionals, influencers, officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, church leaders and laypeople alike — all of whom are steadfastly determined to engage in the African repatriation process and the new African renaissance, by supporting the mission and programs of the Forum. 


It is an adaptive, cooperative, innovative, energetic, and purpose-driven work culture. What we value highly are the individuals and the relationships that we form with our enthusiastic, open-minded and intelligently interested partners. Individuals and institutions will enjoy working with the Forum because of the trustworthiness,  collaborative and well-organised manner of operations that we employ, in our quest towards the highest levels of African development (economically, socially, politically, and culturally).

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