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The Great Return

with the greatest returns

by Dr. Yonah-Musa Kamayashawa

Definition: [The] Great Return: \ ˈgrāt re·​turn | \ ri-ˈtərn\:  in broad terms can be defined as the current (modern day) movement (or repatriation) of the those within the African diaspora back to Africa; and may even be said to encompass all pursuits of Africans (including all people of African descent) towards the higher or highest levels of existence (i.e., a return to greatness; a return to the fullest experience of freedom, dignity, development, prosperity, honor, self-governance, self-determination, and all else that embodies life at the greatest stratum of mankind’s existence).

In the beautiful afterglow of the wondrous Year of Return, and yet equally in the shadowy wake of a year’s worth of significant atrocities, all of which follow 400 plus years of an exile and captivity that has entailed various forms of abuse, oppression, discrimination and an otherwise subpar existence—leading so many African Americans/’Diasporans’ to begin to make their way to a distant yet not-so-distant homeland in Africa:

Many are finding refuge, relief, peace, healing and even great economic opportunity back home in the ‘motherland.’ There are a number of very exciting developments specifically targeted to attract an expected (ever-increasing) steady-stream of returning diasporans. Two very notable projects are Akon City and the City of Return, in Senegal and Ghana, respectively. Both promise glimmering, first-class cityscapes, along the breathtaking, golden-sands, whispering-waves and regal-palm-crested coast of western Africa; and both truly inspire hope of a bright and prosperous future for all diasporans, who are blessed to participate in these burgeoning developments, as well as for all Africans, whether at home or abroad.

These, amongst other such developments that are cropping up and that are bound to continue to crop up throughout our beloved continent, not only inspire hope, but truly incite the dawning of new era.

No doubt, in fact, this awe-inspiring progression evokes reflections of the extraordinary exodus of the Israelites of old into the promise land, in a time now ancient. With that said, while there are myriad parallels, the one thing that has been effectively omitted from the present exodus equation, thus far, is the element of sovereign nationhood for the group(s) of returnees. After all, when Israel entered the promise land in days of old, they entered as a sovereign nation, with all of the freedoms, self-determination, rights, benefits and privileges (as well as responsibilities) surrounding the same. 

There is nothing more empowering than sovereignty and self-governance. There is nothing like sitting at the bargaining table as an equal, in the regional, continental and broader geopolitical spheres; nothing like sovereignly engaging in nation building, in self-determined (global) trade, commerce and industry; education; socio-political development; public wellbeing; and in all other matters of self-governance and self-determination, within the comity and unity of African nations, as well as within the comity of nations at-large.

This is where the Fund for African Repatriation (FAR[us]) comes into play. One of our key roles centers on the pursuit, procurement and facilitation of the goal of sovereignty and nation building in a most robust, expeditious and expedient fashion, within the broad scope of the Great Return; such that mass repatriation is facilitated in a respectful, harmonious, equitable, secure, peaceful, seamless, mutually beneficial and mutually enhancing manner within and amongst stakeholders and fellow nations. As such, this is by no means to suggest that other existing repatriation projects are in any way flawed.  Much to the contrary, any such projects are seen as partners in progress, who are taking very healthy and necessary steps toward our shared development, which actions are unspeakably laudable. 

Furthermore, the Fund (FARus) intends to continue to reach out to, partner with, and to build with and alongside these cherished endeavors. In fact, these parallel efforts are most certainly, mutually beneficial, mutually augmentative, as well as mutually supportive and strengthening—within the context of a vastly expansive undertaking, and all within the context of the joint effort towards a vibrant, harmonious African community of sibling nations within the unified family of Africa.

Whereby, the Fund intends to continue to develop and participate in dialogue, alliances, and collaboration with (strategic) partner entities, nations, regional and international bodies. Moreover, the Fund wishes to develop agreeable relationships with true and sincere friends of Africa, and to boldly iterate that this great return should not in the least be seen as an affront to any one (whether within or without the African family), but rather as a fulfillment of our destiny, in the furtherance of the greater destiny of all mankind—And judging by all measurements, it is probably safe to say that the entire African community world-wide wishes to continue to build, in an even far greater measure, with the rest of humanity and the community of nations, a peaceful, equitable and mutually beneficial existence for all.

Thus, it is hereby requested that all would support the Fund for African Repatriation, as the Fund cooperatively supports this Great Return, in a manner poised to generate the greatest returns, for us all.  

Let’s build together.