Tour Programmes


The Freedom Tour is centered around Cultural, Social, and Historical interests designed to reconnect, familiarize, and make acquaintance with the continent and our Tanzanian family in addition to providing information on future repatriation, transition processes, practical matters, and contracts.

The African Renaissance Tour is centered around trade and business relations to equip those of interest with information on trade events, exhibitions, and expositions whereby demonstrations from different companies and organizations with a variety of services and products are showcased to allies and participants to encourage new business/trade opportunities.

Take part in opportunities to network with government officials and stakeholders, members of the financial/banking sector, as well as corporate and independent entrepreneurs in an array of industry sectors.

LEARN ABOUT, join, and enjoy the rewards of being a member or facilitator of a tour. Our tours currently span between seven countries which are Tanzania, Ethiopia/AU, Ghana, Rwanda, Gambia, Senegal, and Botswana.